Lobby Design for Synchro Building Corp. - Hempel Coatings

Lobby Design for Synchro Building Corp. - Hempel Coatings

With 20 years of experience working on a variety of projects from high end interiors to commercial high rise, ABA Design Firm specializes in Residential and lite Commercial projects.

My influences vary as much as my interests.  I have not had to opportunity to work on any Sci-Fi projects which would be amazing.  I was a Sci-Fi geek as a kid and love all things related to the exploration of space.  I even read and pursued Omni Magazine in the 80's.  Amazing look into the future from AI to living on Mars.  Most people like to live in the established home vernacular so it has not been possible but the desire is there.

I went to Guangzhou, China in 2015 and their buildings are on a whole new level of design.  Projects by Zaha Hadid to OPEN Architects.  Very Futuristic and very expensive.

I have a passion for tactile and visually stimulating design as well as functional.  My designs in school were an attempt to understand the space on the edge and near the brink.  A layering of space vertically and horizontally.  I love craftsman design from the 1920's and the works of O'Neil Ford.  You can't study in Texas and not be a fan of their work, which was a big influence on firms like Lake/Flato Architects as well, which is another one of my favorite firms. A rural vernacular drawing from the surroundings and touched by the present.

I graduated in 1990 from University of Houston and have practiced in the Houston area all of my career. I love the area, but would love to see things change for the better instead of the continued pursuit of a vernacular that is foreign to the area.  Houston is a swamp and we have to create design that is sympathetic to the surrounding.