2015. The year that I began Ashely Benton Anderson Design — or ABA for short. With more than 20 years of experience working on a variety of projects from high end interiors to commercial high rise, ABA Design Firm specializes in Residential and Commercial projects.

During a trip to Guangzhou, China in 2015, I was inspired by the architecture of the city and the design of the culture. I was honored to see projects by Zaha Hadid to OPEN Architects, which transcended towards a whole new level of design.  Although incredibly futuristic, it was a way to show me that conventionality is not always the answer.

My influences vary as much as my interests. Although I have not had to opportunity to work on any Sci-Fi projects, I will always respect the works within Omni Magazine from the 80’s. This magazine showcased the future through Al and living on Mars. Throughout my childhood, I drew upon Sci-Fi for revelation and looked to space for a new way to design here on Earth.

In addition to this, I have a passion for tactile, functional, and visually stimulating design. My designs during university were an attempt to understand the space on the edge and near the brink— a visual layering of space vertically as well as horizontally.  I am inspired by the craftsman design from the 1920's and the works of O'Neil Ford.  Through studying and researching, I have seen that Ford had an incredible influence on firms like Lake/Flato Architects—which is one of my favorite firms. It is a rural, vernacular, drawing and immensely touched by the present.

After graduating in 1990 from University of Houston, I have practiced in the Houston area for the entirety of my career. Through many trips abroad and through traveling around the US, I have come to appreciate the world around me in a new way. Architecture is my way of intertwining my love for Sci-Fi, my deep admiration for design, and my vision for the future.