2 Years of Education / by ASHELY ANDERSON

I going into my 4th year as a solo firm and these past 2 years have been a lesson to say the least.  How do you move from depending on others to find work and provide you an opportunity to practice, and then to go on your own and achieve the same result. 

Well that has been my lesson for the past 2 years since my last post.  I contracted myself out to do work for another company to keep the work consistant and pay the bills, but then I'm not able to fully develop my own project the way I would like.  Very interesting.  

The other lesson is companies tend to work with the same people they are use to, and working your way into the mix can be difficult.  We are creatures of habit and like things to go well every time so if we can find people that help us produce a consistant quality it makes thing run smoothly.  So I understand, but on the flip side just give me a chance.

And finally, finding clients has been going well, but getting them to commit on a project can be a challenge and then paying fees.  Why do we think discount shopping applies to every aspect of our lives.  You want something nice and original, but why are you giving me a plan you found online and/or a magazine, and think I will want to reproduce someone else's work.  Also you want me to give you a discount on my fees, because I don't have to think about it.  Not right, but this is one of the things we have to deal with.

I am hoping things will get better.  Thanks to those clients that I have had who really understand and have been willing to pay for what they want.

Ashely Anderson